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U/D Pulley w/ belt, 160* T stat, LS1 Fans, 3rd Brakelight LED ,Silverstar Bulbs

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Right now I have a stock pile of parts in the garage and I just need to get rid of em. I'll put pics up tomorrow if necessary, just figured I might try and get some interest started.


First up

Have a used UD pulley (no alt) w/ belt (never installed on my truck)$ 190 shipped

Used 160* T stat (never installed on my truck) $25 shipped

LS1 E Fans from 01 SS with 37k (never installed on my truck) $120 shipped

Putco Smoked 3rd brakelight LED (Installed on my truck 1 week) $ 80 shipped

2 Silverstar bright white bulbs used in my truck for about 8 months . Fit 03-06 for sure (may fit 99-02 as well, will look later) * I want to say I paid around $50 for these new at autozone ?? So 25 shipped

I'll be cleaning out my parts shelves tomorrow and taking pics. If there is anything else I find I'll post it up.
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Here are some pics

Fans (still in wrapping)

T Stat

ASP UD Pulley

LED 3rd brakelight
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any pics of the brake light on your truck? it looks clear or is it smoked?
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