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U7102 Diablo Predator

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So here you go, I bought myself this as an xmas present to myself before I even bought my truck. The thing ended up not working on my truck for whatever reason so I'm reselling it. I don't know anyone with another truck that this is made for to test whether or not its my truck or the programmer that is causing problems. So, with that said ASSUME you are going to have to spend another $99 to Diablo for a brand new hand held but it is possible the problem was my truck and not this handheld. I bought it for $265, but because you might have to pay another $99 ontop of that, I will sell it for $165 plus cost of shipping (can't be much) so i will eat the $99 since i was stupid enough to buy something like this off of ebay.

here's a link:

PM me if you are interested
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Post up the error message and or maybe you can verify:

How to verify that the vehicle is supported

The eighth (8th) position in the vehicle identification number (VIN) is the code that designates the engine type. The Predator will support the vehicle if the engine code is:

2006 Truck or SUV: 8th digit of the VIN= V, T, Z, B, U, N or G
2007 Truck or SUV: 8th digit of the VIN= B, N,U,T, V or Z
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