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ugh... tune problems.

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i installed the radix yesterday, put in allen tune tune and did not get a fire up.

the motor was turning over, but no spark we think was being produced, but we didnt mess with that at all during install.... we took out the FPR and we had fuel pressure. i talked to brian and he thinks it has something to do with VATS...
the truck is running WAy rich, we had to throw the original PCM back in... so now it wont hold idle on start up and the SES is on.

got a PM from allen saying how to do pass key on the new PCM, but my security light isnt coming on, so i'm am unable to do pass key right now. i think i'll have to throw in the old PCM and wait for another tune.

here is the link for the pass key: (is this correct)
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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