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Uncles Fullsize

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This is my uncles truck, it's just a daily driver and was pretty much bought as is .. I'd love to remove some things like he oldman ground effects and the sidewindow covers, bed rails and mouldings but afraid whats under them and how the truck was painted last. It's got a steel cowl hood, clear corners, smooth front bumper, urethane rear roll pan, Cast Boyds wheels, cd changer, K&N air filter, shift kit and chip. It needs some work, I'm driving it this week and doing some detailing and maintenance for him, thing runs great though, lots of power :head:

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pewter00 said:
looks to be in some nice shape... hook him up with some 95+ mirrors :read:
Yeah, I was thinking that too .. it must be a '94 truck, I wasn't sure . I was thinking 94 or 95 .. but I guess it would have the newer mirrors if it were 95+
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