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Update: 22" RT-S

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Threw on some black 22" American Racing RT-S this afternoon. Pictures are pretty shitty, I'll have better ones when it gets nicer. Future plans are tinted tails and windows. I'd like to say it has came a dam long way.

Flame away:

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you going any lower?
I hate those rims
you going any lower?
I doubt it, I justttt clear in the front (like a few centimeters, and it touches this fin sticking out of the plastic at the back of the front wheel well, I'll have to trim it). The back could use a little drop.
I thought you were selling it and getting a car?

I wouldnt have put 22's but whatever gets you hard...
-1....liberty's just dont look good on big wheels IMO
as much as i dont like that vehicle, it doesnt look to bad with those on there might actaully look better with a little drop on it!
I hate those rims
:bawl: :bawl: :bawl:

I wouldve went with 20s, but looks aight :shake:
eh, not feeling it. I thought you got rid of the truck and got this because you knew you wouldn't want to mod it? Bad choice :imo
:bawl: :bawl: :bawl:
tis ture tis ture.... :rofl2:
i guess it's less girly, but that's about it.
Tough crowd, maybe because your an asshole :rofl2: j/k

I like it, looks helluva lot better
I think 20s with a fatter tire would have been better .. from the look of lack of clearance you had to run skinner tires .. just seems out of place. But thats just a first impression, might grow on me.
Now the Jeep community hates you.

It doesn't look bad, just out of place on a jeep. I saw a Wrangler on 20s with chrome all over it the other day and couldn't help but laugh.

If you tint the tails and the 3rd brake light it will fit in with your theme. I'd also pull all the badges, if possible.

I really would like to see less of the RTS.........................
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Ugh, Im not feeling it. Its like the Jeep G-Wagon.
1 - 20 of 81 Posts
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