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Update on the 72......lots of pics!!

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Seems like a long time between when I get to work on this, but I'm finishing it this Summer. Some of ou guys may remember it, some may have seen pics elsewhere, but here's the latest pics and update. Engine is painted and put together. The engine/tranny will be dropped into the chassis Sunday. Major fab on body is almost done, going to start bodywork soon. Heres the pics:

3.5 years ago

2.5 years ago

End of '06

Last week

ride height

Will update again Sunday/Monday with current pictures.

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sick truck

what color you gonna go with when you paint it?

Nice!! Is it just me or does the rear wheels seem too far forward?
looks nice. 2nd picture is heaven for me:read: i'd love to have that:imo
Nice!! Is it just me or does the rear wheels seem too far forward?
Looking good so far. I love the reverse hood. What motor have you decided on? A nice big block would be right at home tucked in between those frame rails.
that blue that was originally on there would look badass IMO...rear wheels do look a bit far forward
I threw the bed on just to fit it and it has to be pushed forward a inch or two. I made the 3 link in the rear with parts from Jason at SD and its pretty short due to space constraints, so its pulls the wheels forward right before it lays out. Lifted up it sits almost perfect.

Engine is an LT1 from a 92 corvette. No egr, headers, intake normal stuff. Eventually going with an eagle stroker kit, and trick flow heads.

Going to be two toned off white and blue.

nice ride
ohh damnn
Damn ... lovely
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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