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Well I've just about finished the engine compartment. Here's a shot of it:

I've added an engine driven compressor, relocated the coolant tank, relocated the computer, and moved the fuse box, after I extended about 5 wires I said fuck it and just moved it to the side. It looks a little cluttered so later on (probally next winter) I'll just hide it somewhere, but for now I'm going to modify the bottom of the cover so it won't come in contact with the tire, which it does when laid out very little. Now the hinges won't work anymore because the hit the inner fenders so I'm either gonna get the little shocks used on the hatchbacks of Firebirds or a hood prop. I also got to block the inner fender a little more and clean up the edges:

All the way up:


Dash Smoothed out RIGHT:

Backup Light:


I'm gonna take a pressure washer to the rear frame and tanks before the bed goes back on just to clean everything up.
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Your garage looks just like the condition mine is in. LOL
Sad thing is I cleaned it up the other day. Thanks for the comments guys. I have a problem though. Like I said the fuse box came in contact a little bit with the fuse box, well when I got my new tires on I went down the road and hit a bump and the fuse box cover shattered all over the road, so now I HAVE to come up with something else real soon. :(
On a better note I had the cross over pipe raised today along with getting my new tires put on :)
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