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Updated pics of the Z71 and pics of my new house

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Just finished moving into my new house in Rochester Hills and installed the new colormatched front end on the truck. The truck is just about finished up now, have to do a few finishing touches on the rear bumper, rock sliders and a grill insert. Then it will be finished.

new 4pc hard bed cover I picked up for $50 locally

hidden hitch designed to be used behind a can hardly see it...alot better than the stock one that would sit about 10" below the bumper with the body lift

House that I am leasing....really happy with it. Perfect size for a single guy and it has a nice size garage in the back.

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nice house and your truck is looking good, can't wait till you finish your other truck though, lol
trucks lookin great man, jus need a grille and mayb a lil more colormatching here and there. That house is awesome! I can't wait to get a setup like that one day with a garage big enough to hold the beast...congrats
Nice setup you've got....both truck and house. For your truck, I would remove the Z71 decals and clean your wheel wells. Other than that, it looks great!!
you puttin the project in that garage, whats goin on with it anyway?

looks good tho man, the truck and the house :thumbsup:
i like the way your new colormatched front end looks. Where did you get the new colormatch grille? i want to do that to my tahoe.
Congrats on the new house Jim! Whens the party!:think:
both look awesome! i wish i had some colormatched indigo on my truck...maybe one day
lookin killer
Where at in RH? I used to live at 59 and Dequindre and worked at 59 and Crooks.

I can't remember the name of it, but there is an Irish pub in downtown that has awesome burgers.
looks sweet man...that's a pimp little house as well with a big garage (or so it looks)

I LOVE the back bumper by the of the pimpest bumpers I have ever seen.
Both are really sweet!!! Im hopeing to move out sometime soon after I finish my summer school classes at the community college. If you dont mind how much did your house cost and what are your payments monthly looking like, pm if youd like!!! Keep up the good work on all your vehicles!!!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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