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Updated Pics:

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Had some free time this weekend to do some spring cleaning. Only got the Blazer washed this weekend (need to claybar/wax soon). And, did some cleaning on the Tahoe. The HD is next on the list, and needs some major attention. :nono:
Anyway, on to the pics.

The Blazer:

The Tahoe:

Washed, but paint not looking so great!!! :nono:

Pulled off the pinstrip (Should've done it years ago). Claybarred and Waxed. Pics don't do justice, looks much better now.
Next on the agenda, get the SS wheels back on! :head:

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Blazer looks really nice

and dont sweat about the paint not lookin great on the tahoe - it happens
Yeah, like I said, the winter and water spots..etc. has taken its toll on the black paint on the Tahoe. And the woman that had it before us used alot of drive-thru car washes. After pulling the pinstrip, claybarring, and waxing the paint looks the best its ever looked since we've owned it. Like I said, now time to get the SS's back on it.
nice clean rides
dude its black, plus its how many years old? mine looks good after its been waxed, looks like HELL now
they both look great.
Thanks for the compliments guys.

Wish the weather here would stay nice for longer than two days at a time, to make it worthwhile!?!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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