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Upgrade the 4.8 or 6.0 swap?

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Hi, i have a 4.8 in my 03 silverado, and i was curious which would be the best route.

If the 6.0 is the better route, how hard is the swap such as sensors/wiring/ecu/etc..

Just kinda curious which would be better for a quick street truck.

The t56 will be behind whichever motor ends up in the truck
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not to be rude and save you some time.

type this "4.8 6.0 swap" in search

and it will answer each question thread by thread no lie :)

t56 is included in the search

Edit: Its basically a direct swap, i think you gotta retune if your using your stock pcm or get the one with the 6.0.
if you have the money to do it now, then sure go for it. Everything swaps over. If you want to work your way into it start putting parts on the 4.8 then swap them over to the 6.0 once you get it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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