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V6 Truck.. Manual -> Auto .. 4X2 to 4X4

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I am looking forward to buying a 2000 Chevy 1500 truck (trading in my Ranger :) ). The problem is, the truck that I found is manual. Also, it is a 2WD model. I don't mind manual, but I will be driving this car alot, so an automatic would be nice. I want a 4X4 so I was considering changing it.

Is it at all possible to use the 4X4 transmission from the older Blazer/Jimmy's with the 4.3L V6?
Will the older transfer case work with the newer front driveshaft?

Besides the axles, front differential, front driveshaft, what else would I need to convert it from 2WD to 4X4?

To convert from manual to automatic, the following is what I think I would need, please add to the list:
Automatic Computer (which years are compatible?)
Automatic Flywheel (can I use a manual?)
Torque Converter
Automatic Trans

Is there any wiring that I would need to add/splice in?

Thanks very much!

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IMO it would be easier just to find a 4x4 auto instead of converting.

To convert to 4x4 you'll need an adapter to hook it up to a tcase or a different tranny, different frame (the whole front suspension is totally different), transfer case, shifter, etc. If you went for a solid axle swap, its probably just expensive but you wouldn't have to change the frame.

To convert to an auto is possible. You'll need the pedals (actually maybe just the brake pedal...) from an auto truck, a new flywheel/flexplate, tranny, tranny controller (or maybe the pcm from an auto truck with a new tune, or maybe even just a retuned version of your pcm). Different driveshafts would probably be in order because as far as I know the 4l60e is shorter than the manual.

Not sure on the wiring.

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not worth it. just find another truck. no sense in buying a truck to drive everyday and swapping in a different tranny and transfer case and driveshafts and front diff. it would cost you a ton more than just buying a 4x4. i mean yeah you could do a good SFA swap, but why spend 9 grand to convert the truck and still have a V6???

definatly would be a silly waste.
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