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vararam king cobra

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has anyone gotten the king cobra and had any experience with it yet? im talking about the full ram air system. i have a K&N filtercharger on my truck now, but since i got my fibergrlass fenders, theres large areas where water and dirt can get up to where my filter is. it looks like the vararam is sealed around where the k&n sits and has the intake in the front of the truck? is it good at keeping water out even in the rain? like its not gonna suck up the rain your driving into? hows the performacne? is it worth the price? Thanks guys!
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I know of one guy who has used it on his OBS silverado, he has the complete kit. He was running a volant and now this. He took it to the track last week and got a 1 tenth quicker time than with the volant. Hardly the half second gain that the King Cobra claims. He also ran it several times and 1 tenth was pretty consistant. Not worth the giant price tag in my personal opinion.
Did he do any 0-60 testing? That is where VaraRam advertises the gain. The price for this system is actually the other popular systems that we carry.(Volant and K+N). Your looking at $410. for the full Volant with ram air while the ram air VaraRam is $369.99.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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