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The Kenwood double din is already sold.

Diamond Audio 5.25 Hex comps. The tweeter housings had to be modified to fit in the location previously needed.

Diamond Audio D651i 6.5 coaxials. The installer accidentally poked the dust cap but they work just fine.

PG amp 9.0.5. with the bass knob.

Pioneer flat 12" sub.

Kenwood Keg with two 10-gig drives.

I also have an Alpine DVD Changer DHA-S680P. It's not in the best shape cosmetically but it does work fine. I only have the main wire harness and the ainet cable.

All prices OBO and plus shipping. Not really looking for any trades but you can PM me if you have something.

Diamond Coax------$65
Diamond Comp----$125
Pioneer Sub---------$75
Alpine DVD ---------$135

PM or [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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