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Hey guys, i'm buying trying to buy some esky ESV wheels and tires off ebay right now, and want to know if anyone would be interested in my wheels. I bought these wheels and tires off my buddy and he had them on his truck for like 2 months, so they were basically brand new when i got them. I've put probably 10,000 miles on them, but i've had them for a while, i dont' drive that much, and i've only raced with them once, so not many burnouts. The wheels are in fantastic shape, only 1 centercap has a pretty good scrape on it, but that's it. The tire's are NITTO 420S's, great tires, there is like 0 wear on them, look brand new. But 2 of the tires have a couple dig marks on the outside edge of them because when i put my 1" drop coils in, the tires are so wide that they scraped the inside of my driverside wheel well, but that's it, great tread pattern on them. Anyway, they are like 1 year old, i bought the rims and tires for $2,200, asking $1,500, if you are somewhat local you can pick them up, but if you want you can pay for shipping, i think it's gonna be around $200 or so for shipping.

Oh yah, tires are 305/40R22, and the Wheels are Velocity 22"s

If you want some more up close pics i'll try and get some tomorrow.

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