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And Here...We...Go...

Bought a 01 about two weeks ago, as my daily driver and my slow build project. Very Clean for a Michigan Truck. Needed a few odds and ends but overall in pretty good shape.

When I bought it the tires were all mismatched and cupped like crazy so I literally had to drive it straight to discount tire. I bought some cheap mild A/T's to get me through the winter, knowing come spring I'd be wanting wheels and bigger tires.

Halfway home from the tire shop my brake pedal gives out and goes all the way to the floor. I limped it the rest of the way home. Found out the rear brake line had broken off. Not cool! So heres how she sat the day I brought her home, now not even drivable.


The Next morning we got it on the pavement and replaced the line. Pretty easy fix just more annoying than anything.


Next day I started removing rain guards and de-badging but ran out of time and couldn't finish the tailgate. Looks so much cleaner de-badged. And gave it a good and well needed wash. But we live on a dirt road and you know how that goes.


Had a few days of snow so couldn't do much to the truck (no pole barn yet)


Finally got a break in the weather so I started taking the door moldings off yesterday and remembered why I hate Michigan so much. Paint had chipped off due to rust, so not having time or money to do anything right this second. I put the moldings back on for now.


I plan on taking it to Line-X and having them remove the moldings then respray the color matched liner up to the body line and be good to go.

PureMichigan/Live To Ride
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So that is how it sits right now.

Immediate Future Mods Include:
Fix a few mechanical odds and ends
Crank to Level front with rear
Remove Moldings and Respray Line-X
Try to find HD Hood
Bed Rails

Down The Road Mods:
1.5" BL
18x10 Wheels Wrapped with 33 x 12.50's
1.5" Wheel Spacers
maybe more...:secret:

Any Ideas?
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