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Couldn't find anything when doing a search about this alarm, but can anyone tell me about it?

It's going on my '06 GMC Crew Cab, and I'm also wondering if I will need a bypass. I've heard of DLPKGM, and XK01. I have the 456G on my '03 but I don't think that's compatible with my '06.

Any help would be great. I'm just trying to figure out what all I'm looking at before buying a thing.

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What is Viper Responder HD SST?
It’s simply the most advanced color remote on the planet, running a state-of-the-art one mile range 2-Way hybrid security and remote start system! With an upgraded user interface, easy-to-use menu wheel and USB charging port, Responder HD SST is the new State-of-the-
Art and Top-of-the-Line!

*20% larger, higher-resolution OLED display
*SuperCode user interface with patented
menu wheel. Side-mounted menu wheel
replaces "f" (Function) key. Very simple to
use, very easy to configure.
*Mini USB charger port charges with any
USB charger.
*New Visuals: New animations-no more
comic book theme (think Halo 3). New
menus screens, status screen and user page
screens with more programmability.

Viper 7901 Responder HD SST Features:
*One 5-Button 2-way Color OLED Remote
*One 5-Button 1-way spare Remote
*Receiver Technology SuperCode
*Channels (per car) 24 (x2 cars)
*Car Finder/Panic
*Parking Light Flash with Flexible relay
*Antenna with Integrated LED/Valet Switch
*XK400N Databus Integration Slot
*D2D Port for XK Interface Modules
*Bitwriter™ Programmable (V2.6 + 998M)
*Bitwriter 2™ Programmable
*SilentMode2 Sirenless Modes
*Onboard XCR Remote Start Relays
*Flex Remote Start Relay Onboard
*Virtual Tach™
*Defroster Output w/ Dedicated Channel
*Switch-controlled Turbo Timer
*Runtime Reset from Remote
*Timer Start Mode
*Smart Start (temp/timer/voltage)
*Auto Temp Display on Color Remote
*Cabin Temperature Request
*Classic Directed Features:
*Failsafe® Starter Kill
*GPP Guaranteed Protection Plan
*Onboard Shock Sensor - Remote Adjusting
Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor
*Revenger® Six-Tone Soft Chirp Siren
*Learn Routine
*Warn Away®
*Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC™)
*Progressive/Instant Door Trigger
*Bitwriter 2 Compatible (Coming Soon)
*Aux Outputs 4
*Extreme 1 Mile FCC legal 2-way range
*Simple new universal icons on the Remotes
*Longer rechargeable battery life
*Real Status using Color Display – check the
vehicle temperature and run time remaining
using the Color Display on the remote.
*Soft Touch surfaces for comfortable tactile
*Remote Key Pad Lock
*Viper GPS Tracking System: ESP serial port

Viper 7901 HD SST now includes the new and
improved 2-Way Antenna with the Blue Status
LED and Valet Switch built in with a average
Range of about 1 Mile!

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XK01 is a door lock & alarm data bus interface that can be used on a wide selection of domestic and
import vehicles. Best known for having the ability to interface with more GM vehicles than any other
product on the market. This innovative kit is capable of interfacing with the latest communication
networks including CAN.
- Wire to Wire compatible with any type of remote car starter (W2W)
- Secure single-wire data transfer prevents analogue override activation
- Compatible with manufacturer's anti-theft & content theft security systems
- Maintains integrity of manufacturer's anti-theft immobilizer system
- Maintains integrity of manufacturer's security and convenience functions
- Compact design, easy to mount
- No Key Required for operation (NKR)
- Simple 2 step programming
- All temperature operation

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The CANMAX400 (XK400) – Offers dealers The Power of ONE: a single, standalone module that interfaces with virtually every vehicle and DATABUS architecture on the planet!

The CANMAX400 is the only interface product on the market that has every CAN controller built right-in! It covers CAN High speed, CAN Single Wire, CAN Fault tolerant, J1850, ISO and FLEXRAY making this hardware architecture “Future Proof”.

Unlike other products on the market the CANMAX400 offers multiple different installations options which include standalone remote start features in select Chryslers, Honda and GM vehicles*

With Patented technology like the XKEYPORT™ this module can be mated to any one of our XPRESSKEYS™ and offer almost infinite compatibility.

The CANMAX400 will come preloaded with firmware (CHDL8) that controls the convenience functions on all new Chrysler cars, trucks and minivans, including the new Caravan equipped with the FOBIK (laser style) key.

CANMAX400 saves time and money by minimizing SKU dependency and the flashable technology make this unit module a must have in your bay!

*Accessories may be required where applicable and sold separately.
*2nd generation XKLOADER2 required for FLASHING CANMAX400

Remote Start Ready

CAN High speed

CAN Single Wire

CAN Fault Tolerant



Patented technology like the XKEYPORT™ this module can be mated to any one of our XPRESSKEYS™ and offer almost infinite compatibility.


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you wouldnt happen to be a bby employee would you? if so no he cant get more than one. also make sure you realize that if you get it through that open accomidation that there gauranteed protection plan is no longer on the product. so if anything is stolen directed electronics will cover nothing.
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