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Vortech Supercharger kit

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I was looking through craigslist and I found a vortech supercharger kit for a ford truck.(What was this guy smoking when he made this decision...) The guy who posted the add said that it can be for any make and model truck as long as they make the plate for your application. Me being new to all this stuff I am unsure if this guy is correct. I was researching over the internet about interchangeable applications and it does not say anywhere that they are or are not.Though I got to thinking if someone dropped 4 or 5 grand on a supercharger, I would think that you could change the plate to fit your application. Like I said I am new to all this stuff and a lot of you guys are very brilliant when it comes to these things, so help me if you can, or have ever done this before. Application says its for a 4.6 to a 5.7, and I am looking to put it on a 5.3 silverado.
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Honestly, If you're gonna drop $5k on forced induction, go with a Magnacharger or front mount turbo from Trick or KBRacing. I've seen a few ProCharged systems that looked great on paper, but failed when it came time to perform. Then again, I have also seem some set-ups that rock (namely Mustangs).

There are deals to be had with some used MP112s and turbo kits coming off of trucks who's owners are changing set-ups.

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I was not planning to drop 5k on a vortech supercharger... I found one for a ford and was wondering if I bought a 2005 silverado 5.3 plate if it would be able to fit my truck. I mean I would probably have to change/ modify the hoses, and the plate but that is all that I am unsure of..

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I mean I would probably have to change/ modify the hoses, and the plate but that is all that I am unsure of..

You think? lol Of course, ALL the shit is going to be different. Unless it's $500, just pass. If it's cheap pick it up and ebay it.

Centri blowers suck unless you have a close ratio trans.
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