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Wanted! Nnbs!

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Okay Im looking to purchase a 07-09 Crew Cab Silverado/Sierra. I would like to lift it 7.5-9in lift and run 35's with the 4.56's. I will be using the truck to tow a 7,000# trailer. Will the 5.3 w/gears, tune, filter tow decent? Or should I go with the 2500? All opinions wanted! I like the look of the 1500 and it would be cheaper on the pocketbook but also I need be able to tow okay. I wont be towing everyday but maybe a few times a month and not too far probably about 30 miles. I'd say the longest distance would be under 200 miles VERY occasionally. Also if you know of anybody selling a NNBS LET ME KNOW!!!
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7000 lbs - go 2500 if you're serious about this investment. :imo

Yo, original poster, I'm gonna let you finish, but silveradodude74 has one of the best NNBSs of all time.
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