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Warning: Watch out for Brandon Bowman in Veedersburg. He's taken people on 7 forums

He took me for $250.00 and many more people for even more. He currently has 2 felonies being brought against him over this. I just thought I'd give everyone a heads up incase he tries something on this forum. Here's the link to one of the forums of everyone he's took, he's took people on 3 so far.

He's taken people on at least 7 forums BE CAREFUL!

aim bbboy145, only1mp0rts
[email protected]
[email protected]

Danny Young
perrysville in 47974

Brandon bowman, James Hayes
PO BOX 025
Oakwood,IL 61858

cathy bridgewater
45 mauck lane
danville,il 61832

brandon bowman
103 w. finley
oakwood,il 61858

103 W Finley
Oakwood, IL
(217) 354-2734

Hayes, James
27293 Potomac Collison Rd
Potomac, IL 61865-3143
(217) 776-2412

Brandon Bowman
505 Woodburry St
Danville, IL 61832
Born Oct. 1984

brandon bowman
p.o. box 025
oakwood,il 61858

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jesus he is on this forum too????

what an f'n tool, hopefully he didnt get anyone over here.... he screwed over quiet a few at s10f...

BTW admins look for a name "oatmealpie07" he made another name as that on s10f...
id just run an ip check on him here to make sure...

all he has done on s10f is cause trouble, use pics of other peoples truck and say that he is selling his wheels, he sold the same wheels to 2 people, and they werent even the right wheels from the pic he was using... the guy is a tool
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