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Watts vs Decibels - about hearing loss

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Ever since I installed my system about 6 months back, I've been concerned about what is 'too loud'. My system sounds very good and clean when its cranked up, but lately I've noticed I can't hear certain things as well as I used to and its starting to get me concerned about my hearing (might be ear wax....thats happened before)...

-RF 1001BD amp wired to 250x2 going to (2) RF 8" subs (250w RMS each)
-RF 300watt amp pushing 75 RMS to JLaudio 3 way (6.5", 4", 1") with crossovers
-Pioneer head unit

so roughly about 500rms at full volume (I've had it up to 40 out of 50 on one occasion and it starts to get scary with those 8's pumpin back there)

I've done a little research on volume and hearing loss, and here is something I found on a car audio site:


Duration per day, in hours
Sound level dB (slow response)

8hrs = 90db
6hrs = 92db
4hrs = 95db
3hrs = 97db
2hrs = 100db
1.5hrs = 102db
1hr = 105db
.5hr = 110db
.25hr = 115db

I drive about an hour each day half hour to/from, and I only usually have the volume halfway up at most, usually only about 35%. I drive 80 on the highway for most of that commute so I kind of slowly turn it up as the road noise gets loud or I get used to the volume.

So my question is what decibel level do you think I'm seeing with a 500w stereo only listened to at half volume?
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BuiltNotBought99 said:
I wouldn't worry about it man I've been pumping very loud bass in every vehicle I have owned for the last 7 years and I still hear pretty good.
:word: i been blasting a 2000 watt rms system with 2 15's for 4 years and only slight lost some of my hearing but it seems it came back (havent had a system in over a year now)

my guess is they will make some badazz hearing aids by the time i need one :read: :head:
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