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1 of the wheels is only about 7 months old, not sure but its less then a year for sure. Not sure how but i located one magically with the correct backspacing (this BS is rare)... they shine up nice, couple nicks here and there, not bent and they look GREAT. The backspacing kicks them out about an inch or so, i know this backspacing is very popular with the 87 and older models with the bulky fenders.
They come with the "weld racing" bolt on centercap and the 8 allen head bolts to mount them, just use your lugnuts.
The thing is, Im not parting with these untill the tahoe is sold for good, which SHOULD be May 3rd. When dismounted, I will polish these so they will be ready to mount.

If youre not interested, stay out and STFU :read:

$500 + shipping

photobucket blows

angle down the side w/305/70R16 tires.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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