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well ended up selling my 95 extended cab truck to my brothers friend so hes making payments for my truck...........

so hopefully i wont have to steal my truck back. LMFAO and he will continue to pay me off for my truck... tho i havent given him the title until its paid off! and he is suposed to be insuring the truck as well..

and even tho my truck is gone now...... at least i still have my dads 93 c1500 regular cab long bed that i can work with.... just gotta title it and buy plates for it..... then it will be mine......

so i guess downfall will be finding another bed cover for it cheap enough.LOL tho for it i think im just gonna use a soft tono cover.... just kinda a hassle to remove my old fiberglass cover to haul stuff.... tho it was lockable at least...

tho who knows... maybe he wont like the truck and give it back. LOL
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