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Well in about a month my truck will be Straigh Axled!!!

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Well in about a month my truck will be Straight Axled!!!

Kat Kustoms will be doing the work. I plan on going with 16 inches of lift. The springs will be 12 inch superlifts in the front and 12 inch FT springs in the rear. Then i will have the3 inches from the swap added to the front plus 4 inch shackles in the rear. Ill be setting somewhere around 15 front 16 rear. IM hoping its that close and that it doesn sit with the nose down too much which is my main concern. Dont laugh too hard because i wont have rims/tires till about a month afterwards so ill be setting on small 31's. I also wont have a driveshaft for a while in the front just because my gear ratios will be off and i dont want to take the chance of blowing my T-case on accident. Ill probably re-gear this winter and order a Dual CV d-shaft. Basicly it will be an ongoing project and i just hope with the lift heights it will look good on 44's and not look stuffed or too tall.
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yeah im glad to see ours is getting done as well. It probably would of been done early but since i lost my friend in a 4-wheeler accident its taken me a while to get my shit striaght and i have put it off. I talked to Jason about a week or 2 ago and he said he had one truck to finish which wuold take 3-4 weeks and then after that we would play it by ear to start on mine. I cant wait!!!
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