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Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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So I had an SS bumper cover for over a year before I finally got it painted and put it on last month. Yay, I was happy, it looked nice. :rocking:
I had it on for 4 days before it was stolen off my truck in the middle of the night. :banghead: I didn't even have time to get it all cleaned up nice and take pictures first.

:guns: The fucker just unscrewed one side and then ripped the whole thing off, tearing it off the screw on the other side.:guns:

The next one will be riveted to my bumper and is never coming off once it's on...but not before I buy a better alarm.:ninja:

Oh and if anybody tries to sell you a 99-02 SS bumper cover painted Sunset Orange with one side ripped, kill them for me and send me a PM. I'll pay you for your troubles.
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Holy shit that's messed up!
dude that sucks. if its any consolation, heres a pic of your truck laid out and shaved.

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That fawkin sucks, but wouldnt riveting it just make them rip/cut it off anyway?
Urethane panel bond on the back side. It will not come off, ever :rofl2:
:lol: That was one hell of a drive I tell you what. Cali>Tx :kiss:
:rofl2: Yeah well the rest of my story makes it even better. A couple weeks ago I was tryin out my drifting skillz (more like trial by fire, but my drifting skillz suck) and I hit a concrete culvert just off center of my bumper and damn near folded it in half. If I had my cover on there still I would have been super pissed.:suicide:

Had to replace the bumper, bumper pad, grill, headlights, corners, and some plastic headlight housing bits. No major damage that I couldnt repair except I think my core support got pushed back a little so I'll have to take it to the body shop and get it pulled out.

So I guess the thief actually saved me some grief in a way.

I'd still fuck him up if I ever find out who it was though.:guns: :buttkick:
Im gonna laugh when 2mo. down the road someone replies to it interested in it :lol:
That blows man. People are scum
I thought it would look good on my truck, figured I wouldn't have to repaint it or anything:secret: Seriously, that sucks...never ceases to amaze me how shitty some people are.
Fuck, now you got me worried as hell :nono:

Everytime I park anywhere now, I'm gonna think of this thread.
Fuck, now you got me worried as hell :nono:

Everytime I park anywhere now, I'm gonna think of this thread.
Hey Mark I might be coming up on a blue SS front end for your tahoe in a couple weeks, interested? :LOL: :kiss:
hey mark, what color did you paint the air ducts in your cover?
what has the world come to when truck bumpers are stolen. i didnt even know those things were THAT easy to take off :nono:
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