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Well my truck

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Well, I have YET to buy my truck, my dad and mom have flaked out on me twice to buy my truck. I'll probably end up buying it on my own if i dont get on their asses! Does anyone (in california) know of someone that is selling a truck? I really would want a 1994+ silverado, good condition. Please let me know if anybody knows of any..
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Good luck finding one. Look in classifieds and newspapers...hell, im sure u know of a few parking lots around ur area that have cars and trucks for sell in them all the time. My truck was up at a kroger parking lot and my parents drove by and decided to take a look at it...sometimes people will just put them in parking lots and stuff like that and not advertise in classifieds or anything...just keep an eye out, and tell all ur friends what u want, they can help you out a lot too.
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