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went to the dunes ,,,,video and pics inside

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i got bored after 3 weeks of my self imployed summer job wich is selling dates(pimp style lolz)

after i tok the truck for 3 times back and forth for 200miles 3 times in three weeks and selling my goods to ppl and stores i finaly have some qualty time with my girl the sierra:lol:

here are the pics
in the farm befor i went to the dunes

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2WD IS JUST AWSOME....the 6l80e compared to the old 4l60 is amazing
(tire presure was 15psi wich is the avg for 2w driving in sand)

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Looks like a fun time. Glad you like the truck.
im first truck in saudi to be a pre runner, get on it. ASAP
prerunners ...we dont have a motorsport like baha's yet,althoug we have hail rally rally&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi

if i wnated to do that id look for a sponser i wont do all that shit with my DD
Date sales must be good to afford a new crew cab :shake: Looks like fun.
Date sales must be good to afford a new crew cab :shake: Looks like fun.
its one season each year itsnt a full time job
and my parents pay most of the payments...i pay whenever i can wich is alot these two months
Cool video. Next time take it off some sweet jumps. Why don't any off the guys with the fast trucks run paddle tires?
paddle tires cant take you home...some guys come 100miles on these things and some tow them
pismo attendies take notes!
nothing that hard just drop the tire presure to 20psi with 4wd and 15 with 2wd and if you get stuck drop it to 10psi other than that every thing else is easy
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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