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Westers is now programming for most of the 2005 GM vehicles. This includes all of the GM trucks.


30 day free trial. Westers will modify the program if you don't like it or you can send it back and owe nothing!
Lifetime warranty (no cost or fees)
Lifetime updates for all future mods ($45 shipping and handling fee)
Lifetime full price paid credit toward your next custom tune for your next vehicle ($45 shipping and handling fee)
No vehicle downtime! You will receive your recalibrated PCM before sending your core back. Want to upgrade this for other mods in the future? No downtime here either! The same thing can be done for this too.

Customers have been seeing about 24-34hp from the 5.3 28-50hp from the 6.0 and 25-55 horsepower from the 8.1 motor. The spread depends on how aggressive the tuning is along with other modifications that are done to the vehicle. Fine tuning for other mods will sometimes make more of a different than just running those with the stock programming.

Standard with all performance tunes

Complete reflash of the PCM to your VIN, with all factory updates.
Dyno developed performance tune optimized for your exact engine and transmission combination.
Raised and optimized shift points
Firm, but not harsh shifts
Elimination of all torque management that can be safely removed

Some of the more common modifications to ask for.

Raising the top speed limiter to any speed you specify
Specifying the exact shift points you want in every gear
Firmer (or softer) shifts.
Specific tuning for your modifications, like larger than stock tires, gear ratio change, aftermarket MAF sensor, supercharger, headers, cam change, engine modifications, etc.

Core charges
Westers has been trying to find a way to get customers to send their cores back quickly. There were close to 150 out as of a few weeks ago. That tends to slow production for the new customers that want to receive a computer so they have changed how core charges are handling. We will take an authorization for the core amounts listed below. This isn't an actual charge but it just authorizes that amount for us. This will be voided if your core is required to Westers within 30 days. This amount will be charged and not refunded after that period passes.

1996-2002 vehicles $150.
2003-'05 vehicles $300.

Orders can be placed online or by calling 1-877-482-9763. We can send you the custom programming form after you place your order.
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