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Westins Gone to Shit

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Yep. Drove the Blazer today... mah nerf bars are fooked up from the salt.

One winter =

Easy enough to pull off... Are they known for rusting like hell after what, a year and a half?? :think:

Sand, scrape, Por15?

OH and Clayes Sig inspired me to have a decal made up :rofl2:

(sadly more rust on the bottom of my T-Gate)

This summer I'm tearing everything out of this sucker, POR15'ing everything and repainting the bottom half, maybe undercoat then paint like 5". I have the entire new carpet set going in her too, should be sweet.
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don't you just love living in the north east?:nono:
Call Westin IMFO. Worst that can happen is some (more than like outsourced) call center employee rolls their eyes at your through the telephone.
powder coat em
jet hot coat that shit :crazy:
My Westins lasted for 7 years up here, minor bubbling underneath when I traded it in this past Oct.

Stainless this time around.
i hate salt... one reason why once my frame is cleaned and my truck painted, itll sit in the garage if it snows or rains.
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