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whaddaya think?

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my truck

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damn what a badass truck!

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Swwweeetttnneeesss bro! Probably going to need some mods to the garage though to make fit!!!!

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Nice Truck Bro. It's damn Sweet.

I like the painted to match mirrors with the Chrome on them. Did you have alot of prep work for those or did you pay someone to do them for you?

And where did you get the Billlet insert for the front facia?

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Sweet truck man, I love the white I'm wishin' thats what I would have gotten, this blue is getting to be a pain to keep clean.

Damn Sevenfold I wish my garage was as tall as yours, then i could go bigger than a 6" lift.

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i wish i had a bigger garage!!!

im running 38.5" tires, 16"wides. they are wearing great! however i wont buy them again, bc i dont like the looks of them. they perform great in mud and rain and dry road conditions.

i paid a body shop to spray all the mirrors, handles, and tailgate piece.

the grill came from pepboys, the bottom grill piece for the valence came from me, i made it! the white GMC emblem is the stock red one which i painted white.

soon i will add a 3" body lift to it, and then after, buy some new rims, some with less backspacing than i have now. then when the claws wear down, i'm buying 40's.
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