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What All Is Needed To Body Drop on 22's (Different Questions)

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Well I got my truck out this weekend and I'm kinda thinkin about keepin it. I was wondering how many inches I need raise the bedfloor to lay body on 22's without cutting a hole in the bed. Also where is the best place to cut the bed sides at, the upper portion or the lower? How do I go about raising the floor exactly? I'm about 90% sure I know what to do, but I'm just wanting to make sure. Also I was wondering how I can keep my factory carpet since I'll be raising the tranny hump? Well thanks guys. This week it's suppose to rain everyday and if this guy doesn't have me shave his truck then I think I'm gonna get started on it.
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Ok here's your answers :)

The carpet deal -
I raised my tranny mount, the floor for the driveshaft, the gastank, and some 1" sections for the frame (since I channelled it and all) and I had no problems getting the stock carpet in. It was a bit thin in the corners by the kicks, but I put in some new kicks and I was good. No problems.

As for the bed... Now mine's a bit different since I have juice, but the bridge and all is the same. I did 5" on the bed. To do it, I cut out the factory fenderwells completely, and cut straight across the sides of the bed with a sawzall. I tried to make my cuts so that they took out factory dents or whatever, you know those weird indents. I then cut across the floor at the back of the bed, then across the floor at the rollpan area. All my vertical cuts are hidden in factory seams so it looked more like stock. Now I am in the process of sheetmetalling the bed in, so realistically all the work making it look factory was for nothing, but either way it worked out.

As for making sure it's exactly 5", I took a ruler and marked out a 5" gap across the truck, then used tape to mark it off. When the bed finally dropped, it went straight down onto it, I measured AGAIN to make sure I was right, and went from there.

Really the best thing to do is measure from the floor to the top of the bed a million times, and mark it. Then you'll know you're nuts on. Chances are you'll still have to shim it one place or another, but it'll be good in the end.
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ok I really appreciate all the help man. I saw your bed on SSM and it's lookin good.
Ok man I was wondering how close your pumpkin is from touching the bedfloor now? Also where is the best place to cut the inside of the bedfloor #1 or #2? Look at the red circle and see if that's the right place to cut.
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First off, who's bed is that? Bondo brand bondo? WOW.

Ok well yeah, that's where I cut on my truck, at least the red circle areas. What I did was cut out the fenderwells, then cut straight across the bed through where the fenderwell was. You could probably do it a bit differently and keep the fenders, but thats what I did.

Also, my bed was done 5". I did cut the center bed x-member, but my pumpkin wouldn't have hit anyways I don't think.
That's the guy from IF Customs that's body dropped on 22's. I swear that shop is bondo happy, that's damn mess.
Ok man that's great to hear I already have my crossmember cut so that's no biggie. Where did you get your fenders at? Are the tandem axle fenders chopped down with sheet metal welded on the sides or one whole fender? How wide are they if ya know?
Thanks man.
why would stock carpet matter? no one can tell the difference, if you get a new carpet in same color :read:
why would stock carpet matter? no one can tell the difference, if you get a new carpet in same color
I just would like to keep the stock carpet, cause I haven't seen many body dropped trucks with custom made carpets that looked right. I'm going to get a different carpet, but I just don't want to have to fool with making one.
My original fenders were trailer fenders from a local steelyard. 32" wide or so... But now I've rolled out a new set on an english wheel. They're 36" wide, 16 or so tall. Not a perfect circle, but pretty close. That way if I ever go bigger than a 22, I'm covered.
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