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hello everybody i am new to the forum but not new to the custom truck scene but i do have a few questions that i am not sure of and cant find the answer in the search. what i am doing is converting my truck to power windows and door locks. the truck has power nothing in it right now and i got the door panels,regulators,locks. and wireing harness to the doors from the fuse block under the dash and passenger side harness to the doors from the distribution block at pass side under dash. i started to put the driver side together today and when everything was pluged in nothing worked. for those of you that know or have done this what have i missed or what did i do wrong and/or what needs to be done
this is the year and model of my truck
2000 silverado scsb
i just relized i put this post in the wrong place im sorry how do i move it to the correct spot or can or can a moderator move it to the correct spot
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