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what are they worth?

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i got some tyc projector headlights for a nbs sierra. they are in absolutely perfect condition and have bulbs in them. what should i be able to get out of them?
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i also have a chrome bumper for a 03+
Can you use your stock bulbs with these headlights. If you can I will buy them.
the high beam is stock but the low beam uses a different bulb. i believe it is an h1. i would have to double check. but it plugs right in to the factory low beam harness.
Why are you selling them? Going to something different?
prices please
there not worth crap so why dont u just box em up and ship em to me!!
yes they will fit a 2000. i got a steal on denali lights and hids so thats why i am getting rid of them. how does 150 shipped sound?
$150 is an excellent price shipped. If I didn't already have a set I'd buy them.

if only they didnt have that stupid amber thing in them... and yes i know i can take it out but bump for some nice headlamps...
If I still had my Sierra, we'd be talking. Free bump.

damn! anybody need a nice center piece for their dining table? maybe make a lamp shade?
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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