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What do ya think?

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I am very very very tempted. I would have to grind some so make the 15" rims fit but.....

Anyone know much about allied beadlocks?
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those tires are close to 400 each once you count in tax and FET. rims. not real sure, 200 each maybe?

1600+800=2400, i would drive to get them (maybe 5 hrs away)
will 44's fit with the 9" lift wait nm your prob thinking ahead for the SFA. Thats a damn good deal and you would be flinging mud at the fords and dodges with no probs :whip: Btw just curious what would you be grinding to make them fit?
Yeah im going to put them on my half ton IFS with a 6+3 :crazy:

That would be a sight to see!! Its for my SFA

I would have to grind some off of the front and MAYBE rear calipers, lots of people do it, works just fine.
Hmmn....seems like a pretty damn good deal if you can get them without the bids going a whole lot higher.....if it was me Id probably jump on it....
Im only about an hour or 2 from tulsa im sure I could help you with picking them up if you couldnt get down there...

Im sure the bids will jump up a bit once time runs out, but if you got the $$$ at 1K now you will be saving a TON
yeah if they stay under 1500.....

Im just looking for some input if it would be ok to run 44s with 5.13s and how about those allied beadlocks?
5.13's would be fine since you will be doing mud, if you get into rocks you will most likely need a doubler or a low range box to get you crawlin. The Allieds are good for wheelin but not great for the street. They won't balance but you don't worry about that once your in the 38"+ tire range and you will be replacing bolts every week. You will break/lose about 5 bolts a week.
Don't have much input other than your truck would look absolutely bad ass running those meats :drool: .

hmmm im not into breaking and looseing 5 bolts a week. Why do they sheer off so often?

I may just stick with the stazworks and 42x15x16.5s, would probably be better for on the road.
Well the Staz wheels will be double beadlocks which will be a plus, I see inner beads blow all the time on regular beadlocks...

Just the shear force that is put on the bolts everytine the wheel rotates, the force changes direction and weakens the bolt. They all do it unless you run the Staz wheels or the hummer wheels.

Oh, you need to be cool like me and get some 42" IROK's when they come out next month :head:
IROKS arnt out of the question, but arnt they alot softer than the TSLs? Also how wide are the 42s going to be.
There going to be 14" wide which works better in the rocks but may not work for you in the mud... And they are quite a bit softer, soft=traction but it also increases tire wear but small price to pay for suction cup tires :crazy:
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