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What Kicker amp for these Kicker subs

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Im looking at the kicker compVR 10"

specs: power handling: 50-400 watts RMS (200 watts per coil)

if im running 2 of them, should i buy the ZX 500.1 which has the following specs: 2 ohms: 500W RMS x 1 chan. which means i would run 2 10" dual 2 ohm, wire the voice coils in series so each sub is 4 ohms, then in parallel with each other, so thatd be the 2 ohms. will both subs see 500W RMS? or will it be 250W RMS each? i forget.

or should i run the ZX 750.1 which has the following specs: (750 watts x 1 at 2 ohms)
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You are correct in your wiring; if you get the dual 2ohm, you will series each woofer and then parallel the 2 together so that the amp sees 2ohm total and puts out 500w. This means that each subs would see about 250w each. If you wanted to get closer to their RMS, I would go for the ZX750.1 from these options.

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I would look more at the CVXs if youre going round. Ive heard 2 12s in a small ass airspace (.95 cu ft a piece) and they hit hard. I dont really car for my 12" CVRs and I had them right at max sealed air space.
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