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I'd like to hear some of your opinions, thanks in advance! I want to do some performance ONLY upgrades.

Budget: $700

Truck: 2k Suburban 5.3L 2wd

Already complete:

-6"+3" lift on 35's
-flowmaster cat-back
-Jet Stage II chip
-TB spacer
-k&n drop in filter
-TB coolant line rerouted

What's next? I have some ideas, but would rather hear what you think?

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Gears, hands down.

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2kSub said:
I was thinking maybe one of these:

-NOS kit + K&N FIPK

-5.76 gears + K&N FIPK

-MSD Ignition setup + K&N FIPK
NOS on a suburban... IMO thats just asking for trouble. Running that kind of power through a stock tranny on a vehicle that heavy just sounds like pure trouble to me.

5.76 gears with 35's? Isn't jason running 5.13's with his 42's? Might want to reconsider that...

aftermarket ignition on a stock, N/A engine sounds like a waste to me, the stock ignition setups on these trucks are actually pretty damn good.

If it were me, I'd go for bang for the buck and get a supercharger, tranny upgrades and 4.56 gears.

EDIT: Oh i just saw the $700 budget...hmmm... gears.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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