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What should I do? 20"s, 22"s, 24"s?

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I wanted to know how you guys feel about the different size rims out there. I currently have 20"s and was going to just throw spinners on them but now I am thinking about just getting new rims? I have a Denali now which I have yet to actually put any rims on so what do you recomend? Are there any issues which decreased performance, bad gas milage, and bigger rims being hard on the brakes?
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go for a set of 24s... 20s look too small on a SUV to me, same with 22s. Unless ur gonna bag ur denali, i'd just through some big rims on it and call it a day. By big i mean 24s, not 26s or 28s. They just get tacky

The bigger the rim, the slower ur truck will be... U'll go through breaks faster(but ur doing that anyways with the set of 20s). The gas mileage thing i don't think is true. It prbly effects it some, Between my billet 20s, my stockers, and my chrome 20s, i didn't notice any difference in gas mileage :read:
If you get chrome 24's .. upgrade your brakes. The person in front of you will thank you.

Your ABS system will have a tough time with the weight of the rim and tire.
Dont put a set of SPINNERS on!!!!! They are just gay now :gay: :slap:
Ok so the spinners are gay and the 22"s are small. I learn something new everyday! Anyhow I don't want to really get into changing brakes and all so should I get some 23"s? I was thinking mostly now of getting the 23"s or 24"s so its between those pretty much I guess. Are there any sites out there I should checkout that have good prices on any Cabo, Ferretti, Polo, or Limited wheels? So far I've been checking out superbuytire and I like these 2 pretty well -
Or the Cabo's - Thanks! :head:
Your links didn't work, but I went and looked and the Ferretti 23s look pretty cool ... I don't think 22s look small on SUVs, my friend had 22s on his Suburban and I thought it looked fine, now he has an Avalanche with 26s and its a bit much .. I would have put 22s on my truck if I could, but it wasnt in my budget .... but get what YOU want, make yourself happy.

24s on a denali... You could go 22s, but if you do, plz lower it a little bit. please.
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how much do rubber cost for 23's, isnt there a very limited amount of makers out there for them. and if so does that make the cost of them inflate more than something like a 24 which would be a more common tire size then the 23.
I went to the local wheels shop "B&R wholesale" and they said a 23" rim and tire would be the same or possibly cheaper than the 22"s! I guess they aren't getting enough 23" buyers anymore with the 24"s so popular. So I am probably goin with 23"s or 24"s since it won't make sense to pay the same amount for 22"s when I can get 23"s. So far I have almost ruled out spinners unless i get them later down the road for the bigger rims? I am sort of worried about the issues with the big wheels like potholes, brake wear, loss in perfomance? Maybe some of you guys or your friends that may have 23"s, 24"s or even the insane 26"s have had some problems and if they did what happened? Thanks! That Denali is sweet on those 24"s! :rocking:
I would definately go with some 23's or 24's.. and you gotta remember tire size and offset is kinda important for how good things are gonna look. Lowering also doesn't hurt...
Don't forget to recalibrate your tranny.
You want me to do what with the tranny! I don't even know where to start with that idea? Is there a good offset I should look for that will work with my Denali? Does anyone know it? I already have installed a FIPK kit so will that help in performance with the big rims? I also made it lighter by removing the roof racks! :anitoof: As you can tell I need to be told more. Thanks.
You can get a Hypertech Power Programmer 3 to recalibrate the tranny so that it knows what diameter tires you're running. This way your speedo isn't off in readings at all. With the programmer you can also take off you top speed limiter(97 mph) to something like 128 mph. You can also change the rev-limiter. You can also change the shift firmness and I think you can also change the shifting points. Someone correct me if I'm wrong with this info. It's worth the money and you notice performance gains. I'm sure you can also find other programmers too but I don't know too much about the other ones. There's a few options you can go with. As for the offset, I don't know much about it. Do you plan on lowering(bags maybe) it?
Go with some 23" Spreewells :head:
I got 20s and upgraded my brakes:

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Ok well I better look into that programmer then. Are there any good places I should look to order it from? Only thing I am afraid of is that it would screw up my warranty or what the dealership just got done reprogramming it to shift smoother. I don't plan on lowering it or brakes since I don't tend to keep trucks very long and trade up a lot. I would do something like some better brake pads that would help stopping power and maybe decrease the amount of dust? Thanks. :worship:
Hey, we have one set of 23" Intro Scorpions in stock. They are one piece forged and made to fit on a stock silverado, tahoe, suburban, denali, escalade. I am blowing this set of wheels out. A set of 4, fully polished, for $2400. Here is a pic of a used one, but the ones I am selling are brand new:

Anyone interested?
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do the dirty boards come with them?

j/k thats a good price
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