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What size cutout?

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Hey my friend just got two cutouts put on his truck this afternoon, its a 98 Z71 and it sounds really badass so i of course want cutouts now too. he got 2 1/2'' cutouts for his but i think my pipe is bigger than his :D

What size do i need for my 2002 Z71. thanks!
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Exhaust pipe is 2.75" but will require a 3" with some modification.
awesome thanks a lot for the quick reply! im guessing they will just have to flare the 2 ends where they connect the cutout?
:rofl2: nice, so i want to go with a bigger size right? id get the 3 inch and not the 2 1/2?
get the 3" cutout, they can weld in the extra 1/4" and it will be fine.
01jackedZ, you can think about getting cutouts all you want, but your parents will never let you, LOL.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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