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Before you guys slam me for not searching.....I have, but am just short on time to read all the exhaust posts.

I have a 02 Tahoe with a 5.3 and want to replace the muffler with something a little louder in the near future. What is the diameter of my stock system....2.5" or 3.0" ?? Also, I believe the stock muffler is 7x9x28, is that correct? I am on a very strict budget so I am probably going to go with a Dynomax Super Turbo. I was looking at part#: 17748 which is 4 1/4"x 9 3/4" x 25 1/4" with 2 1/2" in/out....that should work right?? I don't want anything really loud, just a little louder than stock. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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