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What size tire's

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Ok I think I am going with the 20in intro's (twisted vista) clearcoated. Now my question is what size tires on what width rim do I need to put on my 88. The truck is dropped 5/8. But maybe on bags in a year or so. I would like to put the same size on all corners so I can rotate my tires. I know this may not be possible though. Right now the truck sits on 275/40/17 on a 9.5 rim for the rear. the front is 245/45/17 on an 8 in rim. The rear fenders are rolled too. I dont have any idea where to start. I just dont want it to rub! Any idea's will be very helpfull. Here is how the truck sits now.
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you're getting intros... run 8.5s up front, 10s out back. 240/40/20 and 295/40/20 out back... you won't be able to rotate ur tires, but it won't look funny from the back. YOu don;t need an actual low pro tire. The 240/40 has alot more rubber on it than the 255/35
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