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ok guys here we go,
a 1996 2 door yukon, cam is a custo gound cam specs are
289/308, 246/[email protected]
517/525 lift
142 wieand blower 8 psi
4.56 gear, about a 29" tall tire,
700 r4 with drive ratios as follows
1st 3.06:1, 2nd 1.63:1, 3rd 1:1, 4th .70:1 final drive
Need to know what stall to use with lockup.
I ahve been told the cam should be good around 2800-6800 so maby a 300-3500 stall or a 2800-3400 stall/
I am not really sure,
@65mph in over drive at 65 rpm should be about 2409 and in 3rd about 3434 RPM with the specs listed above.

Does anypone know were the engine will begine to leave lope or where it will smooth out.
I do not wanna be riding around from light to light in town and it try to lope when i am trying to cruise..

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im curious what kind of setup you have as well. i figured 1996 so it would be vortec/FI. but you say 700R4 so im guessing its a custom setup.
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