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what to buy to convert nitrogen to compresor driven

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ok i i have a nitrogen setup with all 1/2" lines smc valves all 4 corners
but i have to fill nitrogen and thats a pain especially since i know nowhere to fill nitrogen (if you know where to fill tell me please).i live in stockton,ca. )well what do i need to get rid of the nitrogen or add to the nitrogen so i dont have to fill the tank every weekend.can you link me to any posts that would help me convert it myself so i dont screw up while trying to save money. thanks for all you help guys. :head:
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Hey dude whats up.. you can get your Nitro and any welding supply that has gas.. as for adding compressors you have to run a check valve on you nitro setup then run another line to your tank with a pressure switch on there some where mounted to the tank then took up your compressors.. its not to bad but if you dont know what your doing you might want to have someone install them for you... hope that helps if you have anymore questions ask away...
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