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What to do?

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I just got my truck un-lifted, and i am going to get it lifted again soon, and i have to decide on what to do, it is either a 14" 3rd cost customs lift kit, or an 18" truckin suspension, if i do the 14" kit i will put 46's, But if i do the 18" kit i will do 49's, your input is greatly apretiated, thanks
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Sevenfold said:
Up to you. Just remember that you'll be breaking parts even if you do not go offroad.

Chevycaddy's 10 bolt blew up on him only a couple months after he lifted his truck on 44s.
wow he was running nos and a blower too right?

The truckin suspension is only for hds. you could go with a 14-16 whiplash extreme because the 3rd coast is only 12-14.
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