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What will fit?

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I have a 1995 GMC ext. cab short box.

I want to change the stereo out (it is stock) and want to know if anybody can tell the sizes of speakers that are in there. I was hoping to find out so i only have to take off the panels once.

Any suggestions on some good quality stuff that is resonably priced.

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ya i have a nbs reg cab and i tried getting to my rear 4x6's and gave up after 3 minutes, i want to get a set of those infinity 4x6 plates that have a round midrange and a separate tweeter, next best thing to a component system, anywho, i have pioneer 6.5's and 4x6's and they sound ok with one 12 but my 2 12's are comming tomarrow and i might have to upgrade mids and highs
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