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What's my truck weigh?

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Man, I've heard all sorts of stuff...

4900, 5200, I think closer to 5500lbs...

It's an ext cab, short bed, stepside, Z71, LT package, and has a Snugtop and 33" tires.

I know the stepside bed helps lighten shit up a bit but it's still a big truck.

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My best guess would be around 5300 or so. Never weighed mine, but I think the door sticker said 4800 or something..
go to a truckstop, put it on the scales. $7 is better than our guessing.
LOL, next time I see the State Gestapo out at the truck weigh stations...I may as well stop. :anitoof:
Hit Man X said:
LOL, next time I see the State Gestapo out at the truck weigh stations...I may as well stop. :anitoof:
haha, that's exactly what they are.
Glad to see someone else knows who the gestapo are/were! Some people are here are SUPER ignorant! :nono:
I have weighed a few trucks at those weigh stations that will print out your official weight for state use. I always just tell the person working in there that it's for personal use and I dont need a printout.... (read they let me on for free)

Gots to be >5K lbs tho....
doesnt it say on the sticker in the door?
go to a scap iron yard, they'll have a scale big enough and prolly will not want to charge ya
I would think this should be on the sticker on the inside of the door. If you want super exact, then I would look for a trucking place to weigh it. Close to where I live, there's a small trucking company that has scales on their property.........fortunately there's no gate at the entrance, so you can drive up in the middle of the night and weigh your vehicle.

Great pic in your signature there by the way...
We have a dump that charges to the the most I have ever paid is 7 bucks...and printed on the receipt is my trucks weight...well with me in it :D
7,344lbs with 3/8 tank of fuel according to cat scales. beat that :D
mine weighs 4260# without me. RCSB v6. hth
ok 1500 is about 6200lbs stock, I know this because their is a tax break for anything over 6500lbs and my truck didnt qualify. But others like the Suburban, Tahoe, Avalanche, 2500, 3500 all qualify for the tax break which gives you the full depreciation of the vehicle. I forget what tax code it is though, some of you guys might wnat to look it up.
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