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Wheel balancing

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I just mounted a new set of 285/50r20 cooper zeon ltz on 20x12 moto metal 962s. I took them to a shop to have them balanced and they got 3 of them just fine with 5-6 oz but the fourth one they said was off by 370 oz and they couldn't balance it. Is it more likely that I have a bad wheel or a bad tire? They weren't much help in diagnosing the problem, I'm guessing because I didn't buy my wheels or tires there.. Any help would be appreciated.
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Did they retry it a couple times to see if it gets the same thing? If it is different each time most likely something fell inside the tire and is bouncing around during the spin balance. If not have them dismount the tire and remount it 180 on the rim and see what happens.
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