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Wheeler here

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I'm Tyler. I live in Monroe, Louisiana, I am seventeen, and I am a senior in high school. I have a maroon, 97 model, single-cab Chevrolet step side. I have a 2 inch drop in the back and plan on dropping it a few more inches in the future. I like doing new things to my truck and would appreciate any help or pointers that I can get.

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Welcome wheeler, good to have you on bored. NOW let me say it before anyone else
Welcome from CA.
:welcome: from texas and just like Cameron said pics of gtfo:crazy:
hes bout to post pictures im havein to teach him how, its a pain in the ass over the internet lol
do this :imo

welcome to the site, btw. cool guys here just don't take shit personal. :imo
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Cameron is my bud. I was just messin with him. I ain't gunna take anything personal I promise lol

ps- I'm making fun of you :crazy:
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