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wheels are on!!

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these are just some quick crappy pics i took while at chris's house (thellama).. in the last pic that lifted black truck is his.. i'll get the good pics after i get shaved and dropped..

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and yes i know... my bumper is f*cked
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looks good. Wheels make a huge difference in appearance.

Now drop that bish :pow:
looks alot better with the rims:head2:
:rocking: good choice in wheels man. itll look even better once its dropped :D
looks good bro, it will look even better once you get it dropped :head: :head:
Love those wheels!! :rocking: I agree drop it !
are those giovannas?
Nice rims :head2:
I know that you went through alot trying to decide on a set of rims. Your truck looks really good. :rocking:
no they're helo skids.. but i love them :head:
oh yeah does anyone else notice anything new on the truck?
The mirrors?

But the truck looks great with the wheels on, can wait to see the drop.
Like i said yesterday J, love it man, and ill help you with that drop when u get it.
Looks great but it's begging for a 4/6" drop. :read: :head:
stops good enough for me :d
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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