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where can i get engine part numbers online?

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looking for a few part numbers to make an order on monday!

its for my new 6.0l.... i need to get new head gaskets, valley cover gasket, oil pan gasket, water pump gasket (if there is one for it!?), oil dipstick tube, head bolts,

is ther a bolt kit for the entire engine out there?
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also wat do u guys recomend for new header bolts....i herd stage 8 arp's are good to get?
Why are you pulling the heads? If you're not going to port them, just leave well enough alone.
toooo late man...there off my buddy kud fix the broken header bolt that snapped off in it only if the head was off the block he had to take it to his work...who knows if i kan see wat its gonna cost and if it will go good with my setup maybe i will portand polish them...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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