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???Which Amp???

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Ok, so B4 i got arrested i returned my rockford amp, (125x2 channels at 4 ohms{RMS})....i paid 280 for it. Now that i have the money to get a new amp i went to bestbuy and saw the rockford amp and a Power Acoustik amp. now i havent herd much about power acoustik but the amp is only 200 dollars and puts out (220x2 channels at 4 ohms{RMS})....Now, the rockford amp is more money and less rms power, the acoustik is less money and more, substantially more rms power. What do u guys think? PS, $80 bux is alot of cash when ur my age and in the financail situation Im in.
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actaully that PA amp doesnt suck but its rated at that at 1 ohm per channel I think. Its a 2 ohm mono amp that puts out right at 580 at 2 ohm bridged. I kills the $200 RF 3001 2 ohm amp and is the same price. I should know
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