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I am planing on doing a 4/6 drop on my 2000 Chevy Silverado Reg. Cab. What are opinions on DJM and McGaughy's lowering kits? If I was going to go with the DJM kit it would consist of this:

Upper and Lower Control Arms
Rear Flip Kit
C-Notch (No need because I already have a Belltech on)
Re-use my stock coils, hanger and shackles.
I think I could stull use my Edelbrock AIS Shocks, if not I might go with Dostech (sp?)

As for the McGaughy's kit:

2" Drop Spindles
2" Drop Coils
Rear Flip kit
McGaughy's Shocks

Also for the DJM kit I was wondering should I get the tie rod flip kit, if I was going to go with that kit because I just seen this on their web site?

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If your IAS shocks are fior stock height than you won't be able to use'll need the drop version.

Both the DJM and McGaughy's are great kits....can't go wrong either way. I've not heard squat about the McGaughy's shocks...I'd go DT's...

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